Oikos String Quartet

Help record our CD!

“Oikos String Quartet records new music that takes you on an incredible journey” If your mind likes to wander as much as ours, you might want to come closer and hear this. Imagine for a moment, sitting at home in a comfortable chair, relaxed, closing your eyes. You hear a cello playing a few notes, grabbing your attention. As you are curious how this musical story will develop, the violins and viola join in. Soon you are bathing in warm sound, and without realizing it, you’ve set off on a journey. “A journey?” Yes! Can you see in your minds eye the Irish landscapes, the trees, the hills, the lakes? And that’s not all! Now before I tell you what other exciting places you will visit, let me introduce you to the quartet. Christy Collet is from South Africa, lives in Belgium and plays violin. David Van Ransbeeck, half Belgian half Polish, also plays violin. Katharina Baker is not only our viola player, but also the composer of many of the pieces we are playing. She comes from Germany, but lives in Ireland. Liesbet Engelen is our cellist and lives in Belgium. When we played concerts in Belgium, Germany and Ireland, people came to us afterwards, some with tears in their eyes, telling how beautiful it was. And that is an experience we want to give to you and to many other people. That is why we want to record a CD. Now here is how you can help us with that: we ask for 3500 euro. Not from you alone of course! In fact, if you donate 10 euro (that’s less than the price of a CD) you already would be helping us a lot. We will use the funds to make the recording, and have it mixed and mastered. You will get the result delivered to you in digital version, or if you donate 20 euro or more, you will get the physical CD (with our autographs!) So if you feel like supporting us, simply click the donate button, write down what you want to give, and we’ll keep you updated about the developments. All the best and hopefully we see each other at one of our concerts!

Christy, David, Katharina, Liesbet